Fates Intertwined

Logan Chipkin
1 min readMay 22, 2020

Human nature is not to be cruel,

Nor kind,

Nor to run alone,

Nor to tribe.

To be a person is to be an explainer,

Capable of understanding all of Reality,

From the motion of particles to the evolution of life,

There is no remainder.

From this, we should be optimistic!

For every problem we face,

From hunger to stress to war to mortality itself,

All require knowledge to overtake,

And a person, an explainer, can acquire any knowledge at all,

So we can solve any problem that comes our way,

From trivial to global to cosmic stakes.

Such power does not come free,

We must accept our role and pull the sword from the stone,

As we understand and control evermore of the Universe,

The fate of Reality is the fate of our own.



Logan Chipkin

Writer for Quillette, Areo, Physics World, and others| Science, history, philosophy, and economics | @ChipkinLogan www.loganchipkin.com